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◊ How do I register for either the LSAT or the LSDAS service?
To register for the LSAT or the LSDAS service, you must create an Online Services account. Once your account is created, follow the online prompts for registration.

◊ I have already completed my registration via Online Services, but need to make changes. How can I do this?
Any changes to name, date of birth, and/or Social Security/Social Insurance number must be submitted to LSAC in writing and require a signature. Fax your correction(s) to 215.968.1119 or mail to LSAC, 662 Penn Street, Box 2000-C, Newtown, PA 18940. All other biographical information can be changed online.

◊ How can I verify the date I registered and how much I paid?
Once you are logged in to your Online Services account, click on the Account Status tab and select Fees for information regarding orders, amounts paid, and the dates.

◊ Where do I enter the information regarding which law schools I want to receive my report?
You do not need to submit this information to LSAC. Once you apply to the law schools, they will request your report directly from us.

◊ I received an e-mail containing my password, but never requested it. Why is this? Is my account still secure?
If you forget your username or password, you can enter your information on our username/password recovery form, and it will be mailed to the e-mail address we have on file for you. What probably happened is that someone else using the system thought they had the username you are using and entered that into the recovery form. This happens every once in a while, especially for users whose usernames are fairly common. There is no risk to your account security, and it is safe to delete those e-mails.

◊ How can I check the status of an order?
Once you are logged in to your Online Services account, click on the Account Status tab and select Publications.

◊ How can I add a school that I forgot to list on my LSDAS registration?
You cannot add a school or additional coursework online. Send an e-mail to with a request to add the information or fax your request to 215.968.1119. Include your name, LSAC account number or Social Security number, the name of the school, the level (undergraduate or graduate), and the dates attended.

◊ Where is my admission ticket?
Your LSAT Admission Ticket is located in your Online Services account’s My Docs section. To get your ticket, log in to your Online Services account. Once logged in, there is a row of blue tabs across the top of the screen; click on the My Docs tab. To get to your ticket, click on the link to the LSAT section located in the white area just below the row of blue tabs.

◊ I followed a link from a law school’s website to fill out their application. I set up my LSAC Online account, filled out my application, and saved it. How do I go back to it?
Many law schools use LSAC’s individual electronic application service. If you saved your application, you can access it by logging in to your LSAC Online account, clicking on the Applications tab, and clicking on the Account Status link at the left of the screen. Or, you can go back to the law school’s website, click on the link to the application, log in to your LSAC account, click on Applications, and then go to Account Status. Remember, you will not be able to send the application to LSAC for processing and transmission to the law school until you register for LSDAS. Note: LSDAS registration does not apply to LLM applicants.

◊ What is the Common Information Form?
Important: Complete the Common Information Form before working with the applications so that your information will flow properly.
The Common Information Form contains data fields required on most law school applications. By completing this form, you will not have to reenter this information each time you open a new application; most information will flow directly from the Common Information Form to each application you open. Some information will automatically flow into the form from your LSAC online account.
Changes made to the Common Information Form will not transfer to any law school applications that were saved before the changes were made. Once you save (Submit) an application, you can still change the flowed information manually in the application, should you need to.

◊ I followed a link on a school's website to fill out their application. Where is the Common Information Form?
If you are working on an LSDAS electronic application that you accessed through an individual law school’s website, you will not be able to use the Common Information Form. However, information from your LSAC online account will flow into an individual law school’s application once you log into your LSAC account.

◊ Can I go back and change the Common Information Form? What will happen to applications that I’ve already completed?
You can make changes to the Common Information Form at any time. Changes made to the Common Information Form will not transfer to any law school applications that were saved before the changes were made. If you also wish to change saved applications, you will have to go back in and do it manually. Any applications not yet opened will reflect the changes in the Common Information Form.

◊ Why are some of the application fields so small? What should I do if I cannot fit my answer in the space provided?
The applications replicate the schools’ applications precisely, so the fields could not be expanded without altering the applications. Many schools have field limitations in their own databases. Try to make your information fit by abbreviating it when possible. For longer answers, we recommend entering “See Attached” for those questions and creating an additional written statement for the remaining answers. Then, when going through the application assembly process, attach that written statement the same way you will be attaching your résumé or other written statements. The schools are aware of the space limitations and do not mind receiving the extra information in this format.

◊ What if my college isn't on the drop-down list?
If the country is listed but your school is not, select “Others” from the College drop-down menu and, on the following screen, type in the college name and location, then click Submit.

◊ What if my major isn't on the drop-down list?
If your major category does not appear on the category list, select “Others” and follow the instructions. Then select your major from the Major drop-down list. If your major does not appear on the list, select “Others” and type in the major, then click the Submit button when you are finished.

◊ I got a message that says I have entered a term that is not active for electronic transmission. What does that mean?
LSDAS electronic applications can only be transmitted for the terms and years you see listed on the application list. If you indicate a term on the application that is not listed, the application cannot be transmitted electronically. You can fill out the application, print it, and mail it to the law school, but you cannot save it or send it electronically to LSAC.

◊ Can I change the view of the application?
Yes. There is a zoom feature that enables you to magnify or reduce your view of the application. Click the Zoom button on the toolbar to select the desired view.

◊ What are Supplementary Forms?
Many law schools have supplementary forms that must be printed out separately from their admission application. Click on Supplementary Forms under a law school's name on the Complete the Law School Application screen for each school to access these forms. Supplementary forms are not transmitted with your application. They must be printed and mailed to the law school. You must first save (click the Submit button) an application before you can access its supplementary forms.

◊ What are electronic signatures and certification letters?
Electronic signatures are basically a certification by you that may be used in lieu of a written signature. By taking some action such as clicking a button or typing your name, you are certifying electronically a document you would physically sign if it were on paper. Some schools will not accept electronic signatures, and that is why there are certification letters for some schools that you must print out and physically sign. Once you click the Send button, the options and requirements for that school will appear on the following screen. Make your selections from the available options. There will be a link to the certification letter if one is required for that school. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your application.

◊ How do I complete the certification letter?
Some schools require that applicants who apply electronically print out, sign, and send a certification letter. Most schools will mention this in their application or instructions. If the school to which you are applying to requires a certification letter, there will be a link to the letter in the certification area of the screen that appears after you click Send for each application. Click on the link, complete the certification letter, print it, and sign it. You must also click on the Printed and Signed button at the bottom of the screen. Return to the certification area, click on the LSAC Authorization to Transmit checkbox, and click on Send Now to send your application. Mail your certification letter directly to the law school, along with any other items the law school may require.

◊ How do I view my written statements?
Once you attach a written statement, you will see the filename in the Attached Documents area of the Complete the Law School Application screen. Click Continue to go to the Electronic Application Package screen. You will see the filename and Preview PDF to the right. Preview PDF lets you see what the written statement will look like when it is printed by LSAC. You will need Adobe® Reader® to use Preview PDF. It is a good idea to preview your written statement. If Preview PDF is grayed out, it means your written statement is not yet available for preview. It will be available shortly. Though it is highly unlikely, an excessive amount of traffic to the site can cause as much as a 48-hour delay.

◊ Why won't the Preview PDF become active for my written statements?
It can take up to 48 hours for the Preview PDF option to become available. For the most part, it will not take that long; however, if the servers are slowed down due to excessive use, it can take the full 48 hours.

◊ What should I do if my printer chops off the bottom line of my application?
Change the paper size setting for your printer to legal but do not change the paper itself. This will make the printer print to the bottom of the page.

◊ How do I save my application?
Once you have completed your application, click on the Submit button located at the top of the window. After clicking the Submit button, wait until the menu reappears to ensure that your data has been saved. The Submit button only saves your application data. It does not send your completed application electronically to LSAC for transmission to the law school. You must place your completed applications in the Shopping Cart and complete the checkout process before transmission to the law schools can occur. Warning: Do not use File/Save under the Menu icon in the application window to save your applications. An application error will occur, and your browser will crash. Use the Submit button to save your applications. The Submit button only saves the applications. It does not transmit them. Transmissions occur in a separate step once your applications have been saved.

◊ How do I find a list of the applications I’ve saved?
Log in to your Online Services account. Select the Applications tab. Click on the Applications button located just below the LSDAS Electronic Applications header. The applications page will be displayed with a list of all of the law schools. There is a Status column that indicates the current status of an application. All saved files will have a status of Saved. See the Instant Help column to the right for a list of statuses and what they mean.

◊ Can I change information on an application that I have already submitted (saved) but not yet sent to LSAC?
Yes, you can erase information from any application with a status of Saved. From the All Law Schools or Account Status lists, click on Saved in the Status column for the application you wish to change. Then click on the law school's name on the Complete the Law School Application screen. Remember to save (Submit) it again when you are finished making changes. If the application's status is Shopping Cart, you must first delete the application from the Shopping Cart to change the status back to Saved.

◊ Can I delete a saved (submitted) application?
Yes, you can delete any application as long as its status is Saved. Go to the Application Status list and click the the word Saved next to the school you wish to delete. Click the red circle icon to the right of the application name on the next screen. The application will be cleared, and it will no longer appear on the Saved list. If the application’s status is Shopping Cart, you must first delete the application from the Shopping Cart to change the status back to Saved.
Note: If the application is marked as Sent or Transmitted, you cannot delete it.

◊ How can I be sure my applications are transmitted by LSAC to the law schools in time to meet their deadlines?
Law schools can specify to LSAC the date and time of day (Eastern Time) they wish to stop the transmission of electronic applications. The default time is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the date of the school’s application deadline. Information about these deadlines is included on the applications, or in the application instructions or checklists of the individual law schools.

◊ How will I know if the law schools received my applications?
After you send your applications to LSAC for processing, you can make sure they were sent to the law schools by going to your account at and checking your LSAC file status. It can take the schools several weeks to process applications, even those they receive electronically.

◊ Can I rescind, recall, or resend an application that has already been sent to LSAC or transmitted to a school?
No. After an application is sent to LSAC or transmitted to a law school, it cannot be undone or resent. If you need to make corrections, you can send a paper copy of your corrected application to the school with a letter that states that you are sending an updated application. An electronic application can only be sent one time to LSAC and transmitted one time to each school for each term.

◊ How early do I need to send my applications?
You should send your applications as early as possible to avoid last-minute complications. The deadline for electronic application transmission is established by each school. The schools typically list their deadlines on their application instructions or checklists, or on the applications themselves.

◊ What if I want to apply after June 30?
LSDAS electronic application transmission is not available after June 30 of the application year. Individuals who wish to apply to a law school that will accept applications after June 30 must print out all forms, written statements, and certification letters prior to that date and mail them directly to the law school.


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